What Is the Difference Between IB and Master IB?

Roberto Rivero

With the Introducing Business Partner Program, you can potentially earn additional income by referring new clients to Admirals! In this article, we will discuss the differences between being an Introducing Business (IB) Partner and a Master IB Partner, and explain what you stand to gain from both!

What Is the Introducing Business Partner Program?

The Introducing Business Partner Program from Admirals allows agents, entrepreneurs, corporate introducers and others to earn partner fees by referring new trading clients.

Once registered with Admirals and in receipt of an IB referral link and IB code, IB partners can share their link and code with potential clients. If these referred clients ultimately sign up with Admirals, IB Partners can earn commission as soon as the client starts trading.

This covers the standard IB Partnership, but what is a Master IB? And how do they differ?

IB Partner vs Master IB Partner

As an IB Partner, every time your referred clients make a trade, you can earn up to a 50% share of the spread or commission fee, depending on the trading account type. This arrangement will be ongoing for as long as the referred client continues trading with Admirals.

The table below outlines in detail the payment plan for IB Partners.

Introducing Business Partner
Account Type
Revenue Share
Base for Revenue Calculation
Trade.MT4 50% Spread
Zero.MT4 30% Commission
Trade.MT5 50% Spread
Zero.MT5 30% Commission

Please note: Only Contracts for Difference (CFDs) traded on Forex, metals, energies and cash indices are eligible for IB Partner rewards. For Trade.MT4 and Trade.MT5 accounts, we do not reward trades which last less than three minutes.

There is also a potential extra fee for IB Partners based on their clients’ cryptocurrency CFD trading volumes, as highlighted in the table below:

Volume Traded by Referred Client
Partner’s Commission
1,000,000 USD 100 USD

Please note: For Trade.MT4 and Trade.MT5 accounts, we do not reward trades which last less than three minutes.

But what happens if your referred client ends up becoming an IB Partner themselves? At this point, you will become a Master IB Partner.

Master IB Partner

As a Master IB, you will continue to earn partner fees from your referred clients on the basis outlined in the above table.

However, if your clients start referring their own clients, you will be eligible to receive a percentage of the commission generated by your Sub IBs (i.e. your clients which have now become IB Partners themselves).

Master IB commission is paid on a monthly basis, and allows you to earn a percentage of commission up to four levels deep!

In other words, if your Sub IBs’ referred clients start referring their own clients, then, as well as earning a commission on your level one Sub IBs’ trades, you will also earn a commission on your Sub IBs’ referred clients’ trades, which would consequently become your level two Sub IBs. And so on.

In the table below, we have outlined how much commission you can potentially earn as a Master IB up to the maximum of four levels.

Master IB Commission
Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4
10% 5% 3% 1%

Please note: Only Contracts for Difference (CFDs) traded on Forex, metals, energies and cash indices are eligible for IB Partner rewards. For Trade.MT4 and Trade.MT5 accounts, we do not reward trades which last less than three minutes.

The Benefits of the IB and Master IB Programs with Admirals

Increased accessibility to the financial markets, combined with a surge in trading activity during the pandemic, means that online trading has become increasingly popular in recent years.

The IB Partnership from Admirals allows you to capitalise on this increase in popularity, and potentially gain an additional stream of revenue for your business. The more clients you refer, the more money you stand to earn!

Furthermore, as a Master IB, you can potentially generate even more revenue from the clients of your clients! And, as you would expect, there is no limit to the earnings potential from your partnership with Admirals.

But the Admirals Introducing Business Partner Program is about more than just money. We are fully committed to building ongoing, long-term relationships with our partners, their clients and their clients as well!

That’s why each IB Partner will benefit from having their own personal partnership manager to communicate with, access to a range of marketing materials and premium statistics and reports to help you measure the results and success of your partnership program.

Visit the Introducing Business Partner Program page on our website to sign up today!

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