Introducing Business Partner

Created for agents, entrepreneurs, and corporate introducers who would like to develop their business and help their organisation to meet its sales goals, the IB program rewards partners who market and refer new potential clients to Admirals.

Step 1

Register as a natural person or a legal entity partner with Admirals.

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Step 2

Upon completion of the onboarding process, receive your IB referral link and IB Code.

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Step 3

Share your referral link and code when promoting the services of Admirals to new potential clients.

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Step 4

Earn Partner Fees once your referred clients start trading.

Introducing Business Partner benefits

Commission plan

Choose ongoing commissions based on trading activity.

Measure your success

Immediate access to your commission activity to analyse your results and maximise ROI.

Build your knowledge

Learn the ins and outs of Admirals’ platforms and products, so you’re ready for any client questions.

Boost conversions

Convert more clients with a professional suite of marketing tools - banners, email templates, Facebook covers and more.

Progress through our multi-level system

Earn a 10% commission from your referred Sub-IBs.

Introducing Business Partner Payment Plan

Partners of the Admirals can get up to a 50% share of the spread/commission fee of the referrals. With Admirals, the partner receives on an ongoing lifetime basis a certain percentage of the fee the company gets from the trade made by the referred client. The customer fee can include spread and/or commission, depending on the account type. For more details please refer to the table below:

Account type Revenue share % Base for revenue calculations
Trade.MT4 50% Spread
Zero.MT4 30% Commission
Trade.MT5 50% Spread
Zero.MT5 30% Commission

Master IB commission

Once your client becomes a partner and start bringing his own clients – you become a Master IB. You can create your own network and receive percentage of commission generated by Sub IBs clients on a monthly basis and for 4 levels deep!

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4
10% 5% 3% 1%

The list of trading instruments accepted for Partners’ reward calculations (as such rewards are illustrated in the above tables) includes only Forex, Metals, Energies and Cash Indices.

Crypto CFD commission

Partners of the Admirals can get extra fee based on cryptocurrency trading volumes of their referrals as follows:

Volume traded by client Partner’s commission
1 000 000 USD 100 USD

General note for the Introducing Business Partner rewards: For Trade.MT4 and Trade.MT5 account types we do not reward trades that last less than three (3) minutes.

Unfortunately, Admirals services are not available for the residents of the chosen country.