Trading hours schedule for the US Thanksgiving Holiday 2021

November 19, 2021 03:30


Dear traders


Please note that due to the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, our trading hours will be slightly modified. 


CFD Instruments and respective Futures CFDs 

November 25 
November 26 


Normal Hours  Normal Hours 


Closes 20:00  Closes 20:45 


Closes 21:00  Closes 21:00


Closes 20:00  Closes 20:45 


Closes 20:00  Closes 20:45 


Closes 23:00  Normal Hours 


Closes 20:00  Closes 20:15 


Closes 23:00  Normal Hours 


Closes 20:00  Closes 20:15 


Closes 20:00  Closes 20:15 


Closes 20:00  Closes 20:15 

Stock & ETF CFDs US 

Closed Closes 20:00


Closes 20:00  Closes 20:15 


All times given are in Eastern European Time (EET), which is the MetaTrader platform’s time zone. 


N.B. “Normal Hours” vary depending on the instrument. Please find specific details for each instrument in the Contract Specifications section of our website. Also, please be aware that the trading hours indicated above may be subject to change, depending on the respective exchanges or liquidity providers; changes in trading hours also may affect applicable pre-close terms. 


Kind regards, 


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