Admirals Launches New AI-Powered Analytical Research Terminal

March 13, 2024 01:59

We are excited to announce the official addition of our latest analytical solution for MT4 and MT5 traders.

This enhancement, powered by state-of-the-art AI technology and developed in collaboration with Acuity, a leading AI-based fintech solutions provider, brings a suite of selected features to elevate your trading and investment experience.

Introducing the Admirals Analytical Research Terminal

The Admirals Analytical Research Terminal is designed to empower our valued clients with advanced analytical tools that seamlessly integrate with the MT4 and MT5 platforms.

This innovative solution enables traders to expand their analytical scope and identify financial assets of interest by tracking their popularity and news sentiment in real-time.

Corporate Calendar

Stay ahead of market moves with this essential tool tailored for stock traders. Be well-prepared and informed about upcoming corporate events.

Economic Calendar

Gain insights to navigate and leverage global macro-economic event-driven market volatility, ensuring you are well-positioned to make informed decisions.


This analytics tool helps you discover trading and investment opportunities by combining data derived from news with other datasets. Stay ahead of the curve with comprehensive insights.

Integration with Dow Jones

Our centralised platform combines noteworthy news articles, diverse datasets, and insights from Dow Jones, one of the leading financial news service integration providers.

Free Access For Admirals’ Clients  

The Analytical Research Terminal is a free add-on, available on MT4 and MT5, for all Admirals' clients, providing you with a powerful suite of tools to enhance your trading experience. 

Roman Isakov, Product Owner at Admirals, said: “The goal of the new Analytical Research Terminal is to help traders stay ahead of market trends and make informed investment decisions based on current news and sentiment and the price movements.” 

Commenting on the partnership, Andrew Lane, CEO of Acuity Trading, added: “By harnessing Acuity's advanced AI-based fintech solutions, Admirals is not just enhancing its analytical capabilities; it's boldly embracing cutting-edge AI tools to equip investors with the forward-looking insights that are vital for navigating today's dynamic markets successfully.”

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