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Effective as of 1st June 2022

1. General

1.1 Parallels Desktop for Mac (hereinafter also “Product”) is an external (third party) downloadable technical software developed by Parallels Inc., which Aglobe Investments Ltd (Aglobe Investments Ltd has the necessary license and approval to operate under the brand “Admiral Markets”) offers to clients according to License terms outlined herein.

1.2 Parallels Inc. has its End-User License Agreement, Terms of Use, and Privacy Statement which must be read, understood and accepted by every Product user before the use of the Product.

1.3 Subject to applicable license terms, the Product may be used on both virtual money practice accounts (“Demo accounts”) and real money accounts (“Live accounts”) of all Admiral Markets clients who opted in for this Product offer.

1.4 Product license is available to Eligible clients of Admiral Markets free of charge if the client maintains minimum Live account equity of 3,000 Euros (three thousand Euros) or equivalent in another Live account base currency. The fulfilment of the aforesaid minimum Live account equity requirement is subject to discretionary manual review that takes place during 2 (two) business days after the required Live account equity level was achieved and reported to Admiral Markets through the special Product Landing Page request on the website of Admiral Markets via the link. Admiral Markets will notify the client via email after the license is granted.

1.5 Admiral Markets does not engage in reselling of paid Parallels Desktop for Mac licenses; therefore, a Product license is available to the client only as long as Admiral Markets renews the Product license.

1.6 Parallels Desktop for Mac is software providing the hardware virtualization for Macintosh computers.

1.7 Prior to application of functions of the Product, every user is encouraged to familiarize themselves with the Product user manual supplied by Parallels Inc. on the website Additionally, every user of the Product is encouraged to test Products features and functions on a free demo account before using the Product with real money accounts.

1.8 Admiral Markets cannot be kept liable for consequences of an unexpected operation of the Product that could arise due to acts or omissions of Parallels Inc., or Admiral Markets clients’ insufficient knowledge of the operational rules and principles of the Product or incorrect use thereof.

2. Activation Of The License

2.1 To obtain the Product license, an eligible client must take the following steps:

2.1.1 Register through the Admiral Markets website and open a Live account

2.1.2 Ensure that Live account has equity of 3,000 Euros or more (or equivalent amount in another Live account base currency)

2.1.3 Send a request through a special Product Landing Page via the link or send an email to with a Live account number and a request to provide a Parallels Desktop for Mac Product license.

3. Renewal Of The License

3.1 Product license shall be renewed if the client’s Live account meets the minimum equity requirement as at the time of review (paragraph 2.1.2) and only after a request through a special Product Landing Page via the link or an email to with a Live account number and a request to provide a Parallels Desktop for Mac Product license (paragraph 2.1.3).

3.2 Every client whose Product license was not renewed is free to continue using services of Admiral Markets on general service terms.

4. Revocation Of The License

4.1 Admiral Markets assume “Fair Use”: Should a client use this Product offer in an unusual manner or use the offer against the economic and legal interests of Admiral Markets, Admiral Markets has the right to terminate the offer immediately at its reasonable discretion with or without any prior notice to the client.

4.2 Admiral Markets has a right to deactivate and revoke Product licenses even for Live accounts with equity of more than 3,000 Euros (or equivalent in another Live account base currency), should conspicuous deposit and withdrawal patterns become apparent, which suggest that the terms of this offer have been abused.

4.3 Admiral Markets reserves the right, at its discretion, to change, adjust, suspend, cancel, or terminate, or end the Product at any time with or without notice to the client. Under no circumstances will the company be liable for any direct or indirect consequences arising from any change, adjustment, suspension, cancellation or termination of the Product.

5. Final Provisions

5.1 Upon receipt of the Product, the client acknowledges that they have read, understood and agreed on these terms of use of Parallels Desktop for Mac Product as well as all relevant end-user license terms and Product user manual as well as the client agreement and all other general terms and conditions of Admiral Markets and agree to them.

5.2 Admiral Markets makes no claims regarding the flawless operation of the Product and does not take any responsibility for technical issues with the Product that may arise from acts or omissions of Parallels Inc.

5.3 By using the Product and acceptance of the associated terms of use, the client undertakes to release the company and its officers, employees, representatives and/or agents from any liability for any claims, costs, losses or damage of any kind arising from or arise in connection with the Product.

5.4 In the event of any dispute or misinterpretation of the applicable terms set out above, such dispute or misinterpretation will be resolved as Admiral Markets deems appropriate. The decision of Admiral Markets is final and binding.

5.5 The client can cancel the Product license at any time by sending an email with his/her trading account number to

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