MetaTrader for Web

Now you can enjoy the basic functionality of the popular MetaTrader 4 platform / MetaTrader 5 platform , directly in your browser.

WebTrader lets you trade Forex and CFDs via any computer, on any operating system.

Always improving

Forex WebTrader is frequently updated, so it just keeps getting better. But that does not mean you have to wait. WebTrader already allows you to:

  1. trade Forex and other markets in your browser
  2. keep your account passwords secure
  3. use a familiar MT4/MT5-like interface
  4. enjoy one-click trading
  5. use the basic technical analysis tools, such as trendlines and Fibonacci
  6. place any order types
  7. trade within 9 time-frames.

Order types

With the MetaTrader web-based platform, you get the following order types:

  1. Buy / Sell
  2. Buy Limit / Sell Limit
  3. Buy Stop / Sell Stop
  4. Stop Loss
  5. Take Profit.

Easy and safe

You don’t have to worry about using web trading because:

  1. WebTrader is safe and easy to work with
  2. the web-based MT interface looks very similar to the original MetaTrader for desktop
  3. you can quickly login to WebTrader using your existing Admirals account.

How to start

Our MT web trading platform does not require any additional setup. Simply login with your existing account.

Start web trading